Isn’t it crazy how some things that aren’t necessarily “HEALTHY” for you sometimes are JUST WHAT YOU need?! This weekend I ate a giant burger WITH A BUN, slept in way too late one day, laughed so hard with my girls over BUBBLY, and when I finally did make it to HOT YOGA I barely tried…haha. It’s crazy because all of these things SOUND SO BAD, but this weekend it was just what I needed- so therefore making them, “HEALTHY” in a sense #BALANCE.

And now, yes I may have a few weekend REGRETS because Monday feels extra hard but I’m still smiling thinking about all those PERFECT moments. And what’s funny is this little jumper TOTALLY reminds me of something kinda like this weekend…

When Brittany Renee Photography and I had met for this shoot a week ago, we had this INSANELY productive day planned with WAY too many looks and the highest of hopes for the best locations. After getting kicked out of one of them, and then spent hours driving for secondary options we ended up only shooting three outfits- but for some reason the improving of locations, laughing with Brittany over Starbucks drive thru’s, and remembering that I am lucky that I get to work with a FRIEND made these creative moments all the better.

So yes, I have a thing for this Jumpsuit…

Shop This Look:

Jumper: Nordstrom

I mean this jumper is UNDER $100, and you really need nothing else for it! Such a great buy if you ask me 🙂

Sunglasses: Rayban

Always, need a pair of ALL black Raybans if you ask me. And these are great because they work for guys too- so you can share! That’s what Zack and I do, haha.

Shoes: Freebird by Steve Madden

Choker: Humble Chic NY (use code LIKEIT for 15% off!)

Stone Necklace & Bracelets: Mkaltenbach (GREY STONE NECKLACE) (BRACELETS)

Lipstick: MAC

Lashes: Battington Lashes

This jumpsuit STYLES ITSELF, I mean yes I wanted to really RETRO IT UP…because well being retro just feels more fun and fabulous but in actuality this jumpsuit needs nothing! It is the perfect thing to pack for vacations that you want to feel great but need little to no effort.

I LOVED layering my MKaltenbach favorites and then wearing a big platform with even bigger lashes and teased hair because I felt like I could pretend I was in a different era where maybe Zacky drove around in this Volkswagen bus or something…#DAYDREAMING

And if you know me then you know I love clothes that make me day dream.

Anyone else ALREADY picturing where you want to wear this jumper too?! psh…I am thinking Florida.

Loves, I mean I don’t want to start like promoting eating too many carbs and sleeping your day away or anything but like LISTEN to your body and when you need a break TAKE one.

But in the mean time, you will catch me eating my greens and protein today, getting organized, and yes going to bed RIGHT after The Bachelorette Finale tonight…#BALANCE

and if your week starts to feel a little long


I totally have a THING for it…and I think you should TOO.

Cheers, Darlings!