Is Your Job Getting You in a Rut?! 

 It is pretty typical and to be expected for people who work the normal 9-5 workday or even sporadic 40 hour week schedules to find themselves in a routine of work, sleep, work…

When there is little or nothing to look forward to in ones daily routine it can get PRETTY DEPRESSING especially when it seems as though the rest of the population is doing everything- but working. Well we think the secret is to having plans, giving your self things to do-as little as they may be-they get you out of the house and somewhere to be.

I know for my husband and me we just moved to a new place and we are still in the process of getting to know the area and meeting more people so we work during the day and then we attempt to just keep our lives young and exciting with little things, we are trying these and they seem to be helping A LOT, hope they do just the trick for you too- to get you out of that rut and back to living the life you imagined.

1. Live like the Italians

So how about NOT buying all your groceries on Sunday before your big long work week. After you are off for the day go stop by a BAKERY OR LOCAL MARKET and pick up a fresh baguette to enjoy with dinner. Take the time to pick out FRESH ingredients for a special recipe you have been wanting to try. This adds a little extra special touch to the whole process of preparing your meal. It makes it more of plan to add to your day instead of just something to check off your list. Here is one of my favorite local stores I love going for fresh eats! 

Local Market we Love Local Meats and Cheeses

Local store

 2. Become a regular

Whether its always going to the same COFFEE PLACE every morning on the way to work to get an Americano and a fresh bagel or it is stopping by one of your favorite spots to get a GLASS OF WINE make it “YOUR SPOT”. Surrounding yourself with more people, more stories to hear, more faces to get familiar with– it can stop feelings of loneliness and gives you more chances to be inspired. 

I want to be a local here I want to be a regular here SO BAD!

And seriously who doesn’t want their life to be like the cast in How I Met Your Mother or Friends?!

3. Get in a workout routine that adds variety to your day not just another step to it.

Take up things like aerobics classes where it is not just the SAME OL treadmill workout– but something that gets you a little interaction. Spin is always fun along with kickboxing and dance classes. Oh and “endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t kill their husbands” haha NAME that movie.

Spin Class

kickboxing class

4. Happy Hour

Need I say more? Grab A FRIEND OR A FEW FRIENDS take off your blazer, let your hair down and enjoy all the drinks and appetizers that your 20 dollars SPENDING MONEY can buy.

Des and Jo on their way to drinks after work  Jolene and I on our way to Happy Hour after work.

 5. Jazz up your typical night in

Rent a movie, call a friend and CATCH UP, start a DIY project, pour a glass of wine or FOR GOODNESS SAKE take a nice bath and dive into that book you have been letting sit on your shelves for weeks.

ideas for night in

 Some of my FAVORITE people in the world to be around aren’t the ones who are always doing the MOST outrageous, expensive and out of this world things… but the ones who make NORMAL SEEM IDEAL. Now we dare you to be THAT GIRL 😉 The girl who puts amazing bath salt in her bath while SIPPING on white wine and couldn’t be happier. The girl who the local bakers know just how SHE LIKES her sourdough cut on Thursdays and the one who ENJOYS work and the time after because she makes it what it is.

 Remember, Life is good my friends. Spicing up your week list

Cheers, Darlings!