I’m sorry but when I say the word, “sweatpants” I can’t help but think of Mean Girls…I mean you know, “THESE SWEATPANTS ARE ALL THAT FIT ME RIGHT NOW” haha.

But seriously though I can LIVE in sweats especially really comfy, cute ones! And I think these Splendid camo’s do the job. But darlings, wearing sweats isn’t supposed to be this frumpy outfit- you can totally look CHIC while prancing around town in your comfy’s…and here’s how..

How to style sweatpants

Casual Outfit Ideas

  1. Still do your hair and makeup

Like, I am not saying you gotta give yourself a fresh blowout but like put some dry shampoo in, do a chic pony, or give yourself a messy braid. And if you are limited on time for makeup at least add a little highlighter and blush…LOOK ALIVE, PEOPLE! haha.

2. Add Jewelry

I threw on a velvet choker for this look, to add another texture but even some diamonds studs, or a dainty necklace will do the trick. It helps to look PULLED TOGETHER.

How To Look Good In Sweats

3. Invest in quality pieces

This lulu sweater IS AMAZING and I probably wear it too much- yes, it wasn’t the cheapest piece of athletic wear but it is quality and pulls my outfits together. And it’s the same when it comes to these sweatpants- they are so comfy but I get so many compliments on them because I think they look like GOOD quality. INVEST, darlings..it makes a difference.

Styling Sweatpants

Shop This Outfit:

Sweats: Splendid

I ordered a size small and I love the comfy fit! Great length for petite gals too!

Shoes: Nike

My little cousins told me I needed a pair of Huraches so, here I am with these cute little black ones- and you guys so COMFY. I ordered true to size on these as well!

Choker: Nordstrom

and ONLY $12

Sports bra and sweater: Lulu Lemon

I do a size 4 in sports bra and size 6 in this sweater because I wanted it a little looser.

Styling Nike Huraches

4. Wear Sweats to the RIGHT places

Obviously, I don’t want to encourage you to wear sweatpants to someones wedding or anything, haha! Wear them for errands, quick appointments like hair or nails, or just lounging around on the weekends! It’s fabulous in the RIGHT settings!

5. Mix it up

Add some cool prints, throw in a fun new color, or a different type of fit like a cool jogger or something metallic. Have fun with it, darlings!

Sweatpants Streetstyle

Darlings, I am off to get my hair did- SO EXCITEd, I might switch things up a bit…so wish me luck 🙂 

And yeah, I most likely will be in sweats because well…it’s CHIC and COMFY. 

Cheers, Darlings!