You all know how much I adore being MARRIED, life is just better with Zacky- whether we are happy and snuggling or we are fighting I wouldn’t trade it for the WORLD. BUT I am a 26 year old that is still trying to FIGURE LIFE OUT, half the time I’m a crazy immature bratface and the other half of the time I am trying to see how I can make Zack’s life BETTER.

After my birthday this year I just took a second to think a bout what I wanted to change and improve on this year and I may share them as kinda like a series on this blog BUT let’s start with this one…

How I Want To Be A Better Wife

ONE: I want to PRAY for Zack more. Gosh sometimes I just think of Zack as perfect, my morning and night time prayers very rarely ask Jesus to BETTER Zack or to Make him a strong man in his eyes. I want to pray for Zack, not because he isn’t enough as he is but because I know Jesus has such big plans for his heart and the way he uses his gifts. Simply, I wanna challenge him and pray for Jesus to use him at his full potential.

TWO: I wanna be on my phone LESS. Gosh sometimes less really is MORE. As a blogger my life is pretty much based around my computer and phone- yeah, I love adventures and traveling and spending time with those that I love but my downtime is often filled with posting and planning. I want to make more designated time that I’m NOT on my phone. I want my evening dinners with Zack to be PHONE-LESS and parts of my weekend, because mentally I think I NEED it and while he DESERVES it.

THREE: Remember more often how life was without HIM. I think it’s important to always take quick seconds to remember how life was WITHOUT your person, because then issues you are dealing with seem so much smaller because YOU HAVE THEM. Gosh, if I took a quick second everyday to think of my life without Zacky, I think I would take a minute just to squeeze him, give him a billion kisses, and tell him how thankful I am that he EXISTS. 

FOUR: Listen to more house music…okay so this one is MORE a metaphor then it’s actually a “to-do”. Zack takes so much time to learn and really understand the things that I love and spend my time doing. I’m not gunna lie I don’t really do that with him- I mean half the time I don’t totally get what he is working on- but I want to REALLY mean it when I ask him what he is up to or like, how his day was. In a nutshell I want to have at least an APPRECIATION for things like house music…

FIVE: Tell him WHY I love him. Don’t get me wrong Zacky and I say, “I love you” EVERY two seconds, but I hardly ever remind him why I love him. I want to finish laughing hysterically at one of his jokes and tell him how funny I think he is and how that’s one of the million reasons I love him. I never want him to wonder if all the reasons I use to tell him I love him still exist- I want him to wake up on days where maybe he feels insecure, or down on himself encouraged because he knows even if he isn’t feeling strong or talented that day that I think the WORLD OF HIM.

I know that this post is more about my life, and where I’m at with my relationship- BUT like, I gotta take a second to talk about this dress…I’m in LOVE haha (with Zack and the dress lol)

Shop This Look:

THE Dress: Chelsea28 by Olivia Palermo

I cannot get enough of the collaboration with Olivia Palermo and Chelsea28 EVERYTHING is GORGEOUS- so feminine and timeless. This dress is so classic, I love the black and white and the bow in the front adds the prettiest little touch. I just added a soft loose curl and red lip and the dress was styled. Oh, and as far as sizing I got a small 🙂

Shoes: Ivanka Trump

You guys- these block heels are so COMFY- like you can wear them the ENTIRE day. And it helps that they are super AFFORDABLE! They run true to size!

Earrings: Humble Chic NY

You guys CAN’T stop wearing these giant diamond studs they go with everything from athletic gear to cocktail attire! remember, use code LIKEIT for 15% off your order!!

Darlings, I pray that each and every one of you have someone or SOON will have someone who makes you feel like Zack makes me feel. I pray that YOUR PERSON makes you daily want to be BETTER for yourself and for them. Zack told me in his wedding vows that he would, “ALWAYS TRY.” And I can’t tell you how hard I see him TRY EVERYDAY. So if all else fails…

I just wanna keep TRYING.

Love where you are princesses, and love who loves you- and sometimes showing love means GROWING, and learning to be BETTER.

Cheers, Darlings!

All these photos of us are from Brittany Renee Photography