It is EXACTLY one day until Christmas Eve and two days until Christmas so if you haven’t got your wrapping done Tis’ The TIME!

I have a confession– I totally suck at wrapping so this whole last couple days has been full on WRAPPING-PRESENT-TRAINING. Geese who knew wrapping presents was so hardcore?! Once I started and had a few mishaps within the first two minutes I decided to call in a reinforcements- here are a few of my BEAUTIFUL girls (not too mention some of the most creative) with their prime wrapping skills- so that way we have a little something for everybody!

We present to you the pretty, the hipster, the DIY, the festive, the bloopers, the glam, the “good as mom does it” (literally), the husband approved, and just the down right FAB Holiday wrapping!

[dropcap_green]My Wrapping Adventures[/dropcap_green]

So zack and I picked up the glitter paper from The Paper Source (which in case you didn’t know is the best place ever! A tad pricy but they have the cutest things!!) But just FYI the glitter gets a little cray- I love glitter so I was totally digging it but just so you know you may have glitter all over the place for a few days haha! We made the little tags out of card stock and a gold sharpie- talk about cheap and easy.

Then we got a little board using the same paper for all our gifts so then we decided to stray a little away from the traditional Christmas colors for some of our other gifts! We got the white and silver paper and the tinsel pop pop bows and the pink fan topper all at Michael’s (where it pays to be last minute because right now all of their wrapping and holiday supplies are 70% off) And we sealed it with a kiss from yours truly 😉



[dropcap_red]Steffany’s BEAUTIFUl Hipster &DIY Wrapping[/dropcap_red]

Steffany and her hubby Tulls are the CUTEST. Her motto for wrapping is “super cheap-but classy” So she gets the paper just from the normal mailing section of any store so it is really inexpensive. The string is from Michaels and she downloads the tags for free, here is the link she uses! Wrapping Labels cute is this Steff and Tully go to opposite ends of their house to wrap all their gifts!!

Steffany wrapping



[dropcap_green]Jenna’s Girly and Glam Wrapping[/dropcap_green]

Jenna has the cutest rustic glam style and we always love the creative things she is doing so it was a no brainer to ask this little princess to check out her wrapping. All of her wrapping paper, ribbons and bows are from Hobby Lobby and were half off- I mean we love a diva who doesn’t compromise her style while remaining on a budget! She does a great job with staying festive with incorporating her personal style- I mean who doesn’t love the contrast of the red paper with the cheetah bow?!

Jenna wrapping


[dropcap_red]Sometimes you gotta Give your mom a shoutout [/dropcap_red]

One of my favorite things about having Christmas at home is seeing all my Mom’s beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts! I mean don’t get me wrong I am ALWAYS really excited about whats inside of them as well 😉 but the wrapping is always to die for! And I may be a little biased because…she is my mom haha. But my mom finally let me in on her secret from where she gets all her wrapping and cards- She is a long time fan of Papyrus, the Container Store and Hobby Lobby! And who doesn’t think their mom does it best???

Mom wraps it best


[dropcap_green]The Bloopers[/dropcap_green]

So I kinda sorta didn’t measure the wrapping paper right a few times. #uhoh #ohwell And just between you and me- we still gave it this way! haha we got a little lazy to do it over.



Now Darlings, I wish you luck on your wrapping adventures! And we hope that this reminded you that wrapping can be done by the amateurs, very inexpensively and easy! Hope this gave you some wrapping inspiration! Oh and have we said yet that Christmas is only two days away and we ARE SO EXCITED?! 


Cheers, Darlings!