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Sometimes I even wonder why I buy real clothes, because the majority of my week is spent in my athleisure gear. I love myself a good legging and a cute top that can be worn from a workout class straight to a meeting, errands, or just my favorite coffee shop to sit and get some work done without the fuss of getting all dressed. 

BUT I just recently started to realize how gross and TERRIBLE it is for your skin when you don’t take the time to at least wash your face after a workout…hence me doing a TOTAL upgrade on my Gym Bag Essentials. 

So this post is all about a quick skincare routine for after your workout when you just want to keep running errands, etc. I also included a few things I pack to freshen up my hair and body! 

Everything is done in less than 5 min and leaves you feeling… 


Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Gym Bag Essentials, After Workout Skincare, Skincare

Gym Bag Essentials, After Workout Skincare, Healthy Girl On The Go, Skincare

This may be TMI; but babes, I am a SWEATER. I love my workouts and I honestly kinda love a good workout that has me sweatin’ out all the yucky stuff that I know my bod does NOT need. 

That being said, I am totally APPROVING all of these products and not just for after a pilates workout or walk around the park I do this even after an hour of boxing or a intense climb class!

Let’s start with the two products that I use to freshen up my BOD

Gym Bag Essentials for the Healthy Girl On The Go, After Workout Skincare, Skincare, Best Healthy Deodorant


  • a quick re-apply of your favorite deodorant is probably WAY too obvious but hey, I didn’t want to leave it out!
  • Fave Perfume; I do a little spritz on body but also in my hair!

My favorite new healthy deodorant is Origins and my go-to perfume is Flowerbomb

Now let’s tame that hair…

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Talking How to Fix hair After Workout, Best Hair Supplies for Quick Freshen up, Hair Products, Gym Bag Essentials

Desire Falk of Darling Be Daring Gym Bag Essentials, Hair Supplies for After Gym


This stuff is DA BOMB. As soon as a let my hair out of the pony I grab my Wet Brush and spray this DIRECTLY onto the brush and the brush through my hair. Helps with static and restyling it.

I just rub a little on my hands and run through hair and tame any fly-aways and also a little on ends so they look smooth.

  • If my hair is like OVER the top crazy, then I also bring a cute scrunchie, baseball cap, or  little hair scarf! Then I do a messy bun, half hair up, or just cover that ‘ish up with a hat!

By The Way

I did a little video and saved it on my IG stories under the, “Beauty” highlight to show you EXACTLY how I use these products after a sweat sesh!

Finally, let’s fix dat face…

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Gym Bag Favorites, How to Get ready After Gym, Face Cleanser Favorites

but, girl WASH YOUR FACE

  • A quick makeup wipe all over face and neck.
  • Grab a Cotton Pad (when I forget or run out I just ask someone for a tissue) then do some witch Hazel ALL over face and neck. FEELS SOOO FLIPPING GOOD!

Best Makeup To Have In Your Gym Bag, Makeup For After Gym, 5 minute Face

I call it my, “ONE MIN FACE”

  • After cleansing, moisturize with a tinted SPF– its quick and easy and you get your sunscreen and a smooth all over coverage!
  • quick eyebrow comb down and curl those lashes…I mean these two steps in themselves go A LONG WAY!
  • Then put on some bronzer, blush and highlight! A good makeup pallet is perfect bc its all in ONE!

a little goes a long  way so even just a quick brush of each to contour and add that little glow will make you feel SO PUT TOGETHER!

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Quick Makeup for After Gym, Gym Bag essentials, After Workout skincare

My loves, this is also what I bring on my early morning flights when I just am wanting to add a little something after my flight. This quick little 5 min freshen up routine comes in clutch on those busy moments…and promise you will feel so much cuter after just cleansing, spritzing, and adding a little bit of makeup! 

like I said…give me five minutes and Ill have you feelin’


Gym Bag Essentials, After Workout Skincare, Quick Skincare Tips

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I hope this helped, and if you have any quick and easy products I need to add to my bag please,



Cheers, Darlings!