Hey Gorgeous and happy Tuesday! Today’s post is all about that upkeep…NAIL upkeep. If you know me, you know I am a psycho about my nails and I LOVE having my little fingers and toes looking on point to accessorize all my outfits! And darlings, the search is finally over and I have found my nail home here in Denver- so whether you are local to Denver or plan on visiting I have the PERFECT spot for you(and your nails!)

I have been SO reluctant to name drop any of my nails salons because I haven’t been IN LOVE with one yet and I always want to keep my recommendations down to my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES. So me saying Glamour Bar is my jam is REALLY is my jam as in I will be here at least every two weeks soaking up ALL their fabulousness ๐Ÿ˜‰

Glamour Bar

-The aesthetics are the MOST amazing! I am talking the cutest pedicure throne, prettiest wall paper and always playing the BEST music! Follow me on snap (desirefalk) to get the full layout of the salon next time I’m in!

-You can DRINK- I had some champs but you craving wine, beer, a diet coke?? At your service. I mean anyone else thinking we should do mani’s and mimosas soon????

-Glamour does $20 Tuesdays. $20 spray tans, mani’s, and blow outs!!! Nuff said if you ask me.

-Boutique service and vibe.

-Top of the line products- did I mention they have like ALL the best most trendy gel colors?! I hate when I am craving a good new color and the salon doesn’t have it- I for sure don’t predict this happening at Glamour.

-Perfect spot for you and your girlfriends to have little play dates ๐Ÿ™‚ Great Photo OP!

-The owner of Glamour Bar is this GIRLBOSS, Lindsey who I just can’t get enough of and she knows whats up! Keeps up with all the latest and the greatest to make sure we are all looking GOOD!

I made sure to stop by on my way out to LA for the Create & Cultivate conference because I wanted my mani and pedi to be ON POINT- so I went with white for a trendy, neutral vibe. I love the why white stands out but still goes with EVERYTHING. I mean it paired pretty well with everything from mimosas to IN & Out…

Darlings, since I have finally found a nail HOME, haha- I am going to start collaborating with Glamour Bar on nails trends, nail health, and adding main/pedi fashion to my outfit of the day photos! So be on the lookout and be sure to stop by Glamour Bar ASAP!


Now, darlings I guess it’s time for Tuesday festivities commence aka work super hard so we can celebrate with some tacos…oh, and don’t forget it’s $20 Tuesday at Glamour Bar so book a blow out or something..

Get on with your BAD SELF,

Cheers, Darlings!