Denim styling is the quickest way to pull together a chic outfit, but finding a great pair of jeans is NOT normally as quick. I am kinda new to the world of jeans, I just kinda found “JEAN shopping” sorta depressing. I would dedicate an entire day to trying on designer jeans and never felt like any were super flattering for my body type. Then I stumbled into a perfect little corner at Neiman Marcus and found FRAME DENIM and haven’t looked back since.

As soon as I put on my first pair of Frame’s and didn’t just SEE the difference in the fit but FELT it I knew I was done “JEAN shopping”. I have four new pairs that I just can’t get enough of so Brittany of Brittany Renee Photography and I put together a two part series in the format of a LOOKBOOK of sorts…so you can see the looks BUT also get the VIBE.

Frame Denim Part ONE

Shop Frame Denim:

Black Ripped Skinny

Dark Blue Denim

Grey V-Neck

Black Tee

Cream Sandals

I think it’s important to think “Quality OVER Quantity” when shopping for your BASICS. These jeans are around the $200 range BUT they are ULTRA flattering and the wear on them total reflects the higher price point. They run pretty true to size and I got a tip on WASHING them- wash in cold water & hang dry!

Is it weird that I feel a little more vulnerable with this post?? I don’t know…it’s kinda like because these photos were taken in my place it adds this sense of intimacy. When Brittany and I shot these, I had just finished curling my hair, devouring a salad & sparkling water while chatting her ears off, and was just prancing around barefoot trying to get lipstick off my teeth. It’s crazy how special your home is; whether it’s your first apartment or a family home, who you let into your home and how you choose to share it is INTIMATE.

Darlings, you are welcome ANYTIME…

Before we all get on with our days I feel like I gotta tell you a quick story about our COUCH. This little baby is from Restoration Hardware and it was Zack and mines first like BIGGER purchase as far as furniture goes. We went to Restoration like a 100 times just to go and SEE it, haha we would just go and sit on it and talk about how comfy it was, or sometimes just pretend it was ours. Then after like the 102nd time we figured we better stop mooching and just BUY it..haha Talk about #WindowShopper

So the second part to this little series will be next Monday, and I think you all are going to LOVE it…just a little hint; it includes some pretty pastels and the MOST flattering white JEANS…like EVER!

My loves, have the BEST Monday- just think The Bachelor starts up pretty soon so WINE Monday is ALMOST a thing again, haha. I think you all are flipping FABULOUS so keep me posted on your happenings and let me know if there is anything I can do to make your week better 😉 Until then, check out FRAME their denim is DA BOMB.

Cheers, Darlings!