Sometimes our manicures and pedicures are our first impression, so our little fingers and toes need to be on trend too this FALL! I count on Glamour Bar to keep my nails on point every season, and once fall came into swing I knew my girl Alena of Modaprints and I had to go in for our mani & pedis and check out all their latest for this season. I mean it’s always a good time when we go to Glamour Bar and hang with our girls but when you throw in some fun new fall colors, GLITTER, and how cute they have it decorated right now you instantly feel more FESTIVE.

For fall I immediately think of gorgeous ox blood colors, hunter greens, smokey greys, and the perfect navy. So of course I will touch on those but I also wanted to inspire you a little with some unexpected fall nail color & design ideas- along with manicure and pedicure combination ideas!

I cannot tell you how much I loved putting a girly fun twist on my fall mani/pedi. Since I was having more fun with my manicure and used a lot of different colors I went with a basic chic navy for my pedicure. My manicure was totally inspired by Pinterest (just like most things in my life #BASIC) and I love how the colors complement so many of my favorite classic fall colors like navy, deep greens, and greys!


Colors Used: (all shellac)

Romantique (color on ring finger)

Rubble (color on middle finger)

Rose Bud (color on pointer finger, pinky, and thumb)

Glitter Used:

Champagne (glitter dusted on ring finger)

Tips: Choose colors that will complement your mani and do lighter on your fingers and darker shades on your toes. And add a fun accent like the ombre glitter accent finger because it will tie all the colors together!!


Color: (shellac)

Indigo Frock

***Disclaimer: I don’t normally do gel on my pedicure too, but I decided to try it this time because I liked the color so much and so far I LOVE it but I will keep you posted what I think of it after a few weeks and my next pedi 😉 ***

Ombre Nails:

Alena’s nails were so FLIPPING CUTE- she did ombre on all of her little fingers and it came out adorable. The perfect little nude gel and black glitter then paired it with a classic black pedicure!! Darlings, it will be my next mani/pedi combo FOR SURE!

Manicure Colors:

Romantique (shellac)

Ebony (glitter)

I love that Glamour Bar has all the best glitters to do these chic ombre nails!

Now, darlings- for the times this season you just want some ideas for classic manicure & pedicure combination ideas I wanted to be sure I gave you the list of my favorites when it comes to just classic Essie Polish Combinations…because like with every passing season we need new colors that compliment us 😉

Manicure & Pedicure Combinations:

I love working with pastels in every season so my color combos are a little biased based off of my personal style- but I think they just look so amazing on EVERYONE. So here are three that I will be rocking nonstop and are perfect for those quick polish changes! They are all pictured above and are in order left to right below!

Fall In Line & Ballet Slippers

The perfect green and little nude- I would stick to “Fall in Line” for pedicure (the green color) and “Ballet Slippers” for manicure (soft white)

Lilacism &Cocktail Bling

Lavender is such a surprising mix to throw in your fall colors and this shade is perfect for this season! I would do “Lilacism” (purple color) for pedicure and “Cocktail Bling” (grey color) for manicure.

Bahama Mama & She Said Yes

No matter what, you have to rock a good maroon at some point during the fall season- and “Bahama Mama” (maroon color) is the perfect pedi color and combines other tones to your typical maroon vibe “She Said Yes” (the soft white color) is perfect no matter what time of year for a mani but it pairs perfect with this pedi color! 

Darlings, not only are nails important but they should also be fun- so match your nail polish to your mood WHILE still staying on trend. And if you are in the Denver area- Glamour Bar has ALL of these colors and can do both of these types of designs. and since they are like the sweetest ever, they are teaming up with me to giveaway a FREE Mani/Pedi to one lucky winner through my Instagram- so head over there (@darlingbedaring) to enter!!

Now, it’s time for me to get my booty going- happy Hump Day or more importantly WINE WEDNESDAY 😉

Cheers, Darlings!