Desire Falk of Darling be Daring talking statement dresses, kate Spade, Valentino

One thing I love about fashion and finding pieces that I adore is the confidence it brings me when some days I don’t have it. I am pretty shy and extremely introverted when it comes down to it, so a lot of days I kinda have to hype myself up to go to an event or to get out of my shell.

My go-to?? A Good Flipping Dress.

And, Darlings…this is a GOOD FLIPPING DRESS.

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Kate Spade, Fall dresses

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring styling Kate Spade Fall collection, brunette hairstyles, kate spade

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring outfits for New York Fashion Week 2017, Kate Spade, Fall dresses

Fashion Week in New York is one of my favorite times of year but it’s also one of the most intimidating times to be a blogger in the city. You are surrounded by some of the most TALENTED, beautiful, and successful writers and influencers that you can quickly began to doubt yourself. 

Well, when the doubt hit- I took this little ol’ thing out of the suitcase, freshened up my makeup, laced up my new heels, played the new Demi song and went to the show. 

The dress didn’t fix everything but it got me out of my hotel room and to my events…

Basically, that’s why this post is called

The Dress Made Me Do It

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Kate Spade Fall Collection, Kate Spade, Fall Fashion

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring half up hairstyles, Kate Spade, bow tie dress

One of my favorite parts of this dress is the amazing collar and bow tie detailing, and guess what?! BOTH are detachable! So you can wear the dress without them and put them on other pieces as well! Totally, makes me feel like I am getting the most from the money I am spending. 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring talking New York Fashion Week, Kate Spade

Kate Spade Fall Collection, Fall Dresses

Shop This Look:

Sizing tip for the dress: I am wearing a zero and it fits great!! and the material is thick enough to layer in fall too! 

Shoe sizing tip: I think these run pretty true to size I am wearing a 6.5 which is my typical in heels! 

Desire Falk of darling be daring wearing Kate Spade heels, Suede block heels, Fall fashion, Kate Spade

Like, I can’t even express how much I love these shoes!! they are my current favorite- the suede adds such a fun texture to all your looks whether it be this dress or your favorite denim! and they can be worn into spring!! 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing kate Spade fall collection, Kate Spade, New York Fashion Week Style

Basically, after I threw on this dress I went to the Julianna Bass runway show and to the Party all by myself- which if you know me takes A LOT. Hell, I am for sure not saying it was easy but I did it and darlings, thats what it’s about…


You start to notice more things you LOVE about yourself not the things that hold you back from experiencing life.

Thank you, Jesus for creating designers that have the brilliant minds to make clothes that give POWER. 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Kate Spade, Floral Fall dresses, Kate Spade

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring talking NYFW looks, kate spade, Le spec

Let yourself just be OPEN

Open to what the world wants to throw your way…

Even if it makes you uncomfortable, or scared, or feel unworthy.

It’s in that mess where you FINALLY START BECOMING

I know, this seems extreme to be thanking a dress, but it was my starting point that day and I needed it… #TheDressMadeMeDoIt

Cheers, Darlings!