Oooohhhhhhlaaalaaaa let’s do some letting loose and ACTUALLY start acting like it’s Friday. Doll faces, I don’t know if you need a reminder or not…BUT you DESERVE IT. After this crazy week of nothing but giant LIFE CHANGING, WAY TOO opinionated Facebook statuses, and the usual hefty workloads I think we all could use a little DETOX. So I decided to share some of my FAVORITE detox TEAS that totally do the trick for debloating and clearing up your skin after a long hard week, OR crazy weekend 😉

I am going to break down my TWO FAVORITE detox teas, but the essentials for BOTH kinda, overlap so as long as you have these few ingredients on hand you can detox any day you like.

The Essentials:

Green Tea

Cayenne Pepper


Ginger Powder



Typically, I wake up and just heat up some water and steep my green tea then decided if I am needing some skin clearing benefits or some slimming benefits! Usually it depends on why I feel like I need the detox- if I was traveling, or feel stressed, or maybe my skin is just seeming dull I tend to lean towards the SKIN CLEARING TEA. If I was drinking alcohol, ate greasy food, or just am feeling a little backed up and bloated I go with the SLIMMING TEA. Hope this helps with deciding on which is good for you- no matter what the benefits of each are AMAZING! boosting metabolism, caffeine boost, and natural cold remedies in both as well!!

Skin Clearing Tea:

-1 cup of green tea

-1/2 Teaspoon of ginger powder

-1 Teaspoon of raw honey

-fresh lemon juice

Slimming Tea:

-1 cup of green tea

-1/2 Teaspoon of cinnamon

-1/2 Teaspoon of raw honey

-fresh lemon juice

-pinch of cayenne pepper

Darlings, I can’t tell you enough how much these little detox teas help when I am just needing to rid my bod of the bad stuff- DETOX is kinda like my favorite word, haha. ANYWAYS, feel good about eating your pizza and drinking your wine this weekend because I mean you can always wake up in the morning and have some detox tea 😉

Cheers, Darlings!