Maybe just maybe one of these days I will designate the right amount of time for each of my items on my to-do list. Zack gets so annoyed with me because I say everything takes 10 minutes whether it blowing drying my sopping wet hair (which takes like an hour in actuality) or running down stairs to grab us a latte (which actually does take about 10 minutes).

So darlings, sometimes I am squeezing in a workout and I forget I also need to set aside some time to freshen up before my next thing and this results in me just showing up in my workout clothes and eating while I drive. This is for sure my problem and my fault BUT hey, I have came up with some SOLUTIONS…you know, HEALTHY GIRL ON THE GO SOLUTIONS 😉

Tips On Styling Workout Clothes For Daily Wear:

1. Invest In leggings you LOVE and feel good in- if you ask me HIGH WAISTED is the only option

2. Bring a jacket to layer over your crop- leather or a bomber is a super trendy addition!

3. Switch out the sneakers for some booties

4. Bring a few makeup touch ups to freshen up, deodorant/ perfume, and some dry shampoo

5. Add earrings or a fun choker for a little GLAM touch!

I love a fun sports bra with a cute zip up bomber layered with it, or a crop with a fun leather jacket tied around my waist!

Shop This Look:

When I am RUSHING so hard that I can’t even change my outfit completely USUALLY that means I am having a hard time grabbing something healthy for lunch or a snack. Lately, Daily Greens Juice has been my GO-TO! They are super easy to pick up from any local Costco, non GMO, 1-2 cups of veggies inside, tons of probiotics, and super easy to drink while doing a million other things at the same time…hence the HEALTHY GIRL ON THE GO SNACK REFERRAL.

My favorite is CARROT KICK…kinda like carrot cake, haha.

I like mine to replace my midday snacks- of course accompanied by WATER- because us gals gotta stay hydrated 😉

As promised my loves, a new workout playlist for your listening pleasure. Whether, you need new music for your next sweat sesh, or just some music to jam out to on your commute I completely condone ZONING OUT during your crazy day. These are my latest ZONE OUT FAVORITES…

New Holiday Workout Playlist:

Darlings, the holiday season is one of the hardest times to STAY ON TRACK when it comes to eating healthy and squeezing workouts in I hope that thee few tips on good snack ideas, some new music, and ways to transition your workout clothes to your daily wear help a little bit! Just keep gettin’ it!

Cheers, Darlings!