I literally GRAVITATE towards anything PASTEL…I mean you name it; nail polish, macaroons, purses, flowers, and naturally DRESSES. I melt a little bit inside when I see a good girly blush tone or powdery blue, it’s like PASTELS just GET ME.

Have you ever heard anyone talk about pastels like they are in a relationship??? haha, hopefully I’m your first…it kinda started as a joke but I’m for sure SORTA serious. Darlings, the LOVE for PASTELS is REAL.

Now, with WEDDING SEASON among us, summer nights out on the town, and TRAVEL season beginning the need for a statement dress is NEVER ENDING. What I love about this dress is it doesn’t wrinkle if packed in your suitcase, it’s NOT white so you can wear to a wedding, and by adding a little contrast like strappy shoes or a leather jacket you can wear this dress out on the town too! So versatile. It’s a statement dress that can be worn for so many different occasions.

SECRET TIME: Zacky picked this little dress out

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I think the great thing about a statement dress like this is don’t have to depend on accesories to dress it up, the dress kinda does all that for you. The silver detailing make this dress so easy to style- no jewelry needed.

Since it is pastel I decided to play up my makeup, with a darker smokey eye and lashes but kept with the monochromatic vibe by just doing a nude lip. I linked all my makeup products for this look in case you all wanna replicate.

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Brittany Renee Photography captured this dress and all the pretty little details.

Dolls, this pastel little number kinda speaks for itself but in case it didn’t just flashback to that one time I rambled on and on about pastels like I was married to it- like Zack may even get jelly if he ever reads this…I literally said something along the lines of, “pastels just get me” haha.

Happy Friday loves, I hope you all have some fun weekend plans coming up and if you don’t well, it’s never too late to make some,

Cheers, Darlings!

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