I wanted to title this post, “Adult Spring Break” but I didn’t know if that sounded dirty or not, haha. ANYWAYS our little Arizona Getaway was Zack and mines excuse to vacay, because we were jelly of all the crazy college kids at spring break and everyone’s adorable posts about Coachella and Stagecoach.

So yes, in a nutshell our jealousy was the reason for planning a trip to Arizona but hey, I am willing to admit it- I mean have you seen everyone’s Coachella pictures?!!! SO CUTE and TOO HARD to avoid, haha.

So anyone who knows me knows that my sister is like this WAY COOLER AND WAY HIPPER version of me- like legitimately I am lucky to know my little sis and when I get lucky enough to meet her friends I pretty much GEEK out, and ALL of these pics are in result of getting to hang and know one of her besties, ROYALE of To The Moon Photo– if you are in Arizona, heck ANYWHERE this hip photographer will ONLY make you cooler…I mean I think my cool-o-meter went up like ten notches just walking around the resort with her.

Shop This Denim Two Piece:

You guys, this two-piece is under $100 and I have already worn BOTH pieces with other things! I have an obsession with high waist-ed two pieces and for the price this one will be the easiest vacay outfit you can pack ALL SUMMER.

I just HAVE to tell you a little bit about the hotel we stayed at in Arizona, The Montelucia Resort & Spa is honestly MY FAVORITE place in like…the world. I mean, okay a few steps back- I am a little bias because this was where Zack and I stayed after our wedding for a few days before we headed out to Hawaii BUT this place is truly a GETAWAY.

The grounds are gorgeous, the food is UNREAL amazing, the service is PRINCESS TREATMENT, and it makes you forget about the outside world- like the entire time we were in Arizona this last time we pretty much didn’t leave The Montelucia.

Shop Poolside Attire:

Confession, this bathing suit is like a summer old and my cover up is from my bridal shower haha- BUT I linked some of my favorite one pieces that are available NOW, cute cover ups, and my EXACT necklace and poolside wedges!! Check it out, Darlings!

Peach And Pepper Halter Dress For Spring

I’m not gunna lie I was kinda sorta saving my favorite outfit of the trip for last. This little halter dress is from my gorgeous friend Allison of Peach and Pepper– you all already know I am obsessed with her and her designs so this little number was at the TOP OF MY PACKING LIST. You guys, it’s perfect for Spring but works its way into your summer wardrobe too. Oh, did I mention this dress comes in other prints and it’s REVERSIBLE. It’s like two dresses for one..at least do me a favor and click HERE to check out all of Allison’s designs- major heart eyes coming your way!!

This little trip was mine and zack’s saving grace…it was a chance to just be together, not make reservations, not drive around town doing errands, not talk and catch up WHILE being on our computers..it was our time to just getaway and go back to the mindset we had right after we got married…like nothing else mattered besides us being together. And getting SUNBURNED- I’m talking I was a lobster, cherry tomato (whatever that is haha).

Darlings, find your love and GETAWAY…

Okay, my loves! Happy Friday to you- I am off to LA for the Create and Cultivate Conference- get ready for picture overload- I am missing Derby day though so bet on a horse or two for me 😉

Cheers, Darlings!