Des and Zack Wedding Picture

Dear Diary,

Today Zack and I finally decided to hang some of our wedding pictures and as soon as I stumbled across a few of my favorites I immediately went down memory lane…all the way back to the beginning of me and Zack…

Every one of us,whether you admit to it or not, deep down we have; a type, a dream boy, or “a weakness” as some of us would call them. A guy that makes it hard for anyone else to compare, the one who can make us melt with just a smile and the one who makes us break that promise we made to ourselves to ignore his phone calls. Well my kryptonite, the boy that gives me chills by kissing my cheek, the one who made every other guy in between almost boring and the one that I just could never completely say no to is a story that I would never describe as simple or easy-but more like a long, drawn out, passionate version of a twisted fairytale.

The best way I (or any of my best girl friends) could ever describe this man is by calling him Chuck Bass. If you haven’t see Gossip Girl I will give you a brief description of this type (but if you haven’t seen this show my biggest advice is watch it-and be ready for it to change your life)

A Chuck Bass type has the most powerful mumble you have ever heard, enjoys dominating at whatever his business of choice may be, only picks THE BEST OF THE BEST pertaining to just about everything-his food, drinks and clothes. His sensitive side is often considered more of a dark side depending on the amount of scotch he drank that night. When he loves he loves hard and will wait and work for whom he chooses. His mistakes are heavy but his sorry and what he will do for forgiveness makes it erased. A Chuck Bass type is only for a certain type of person, but when he is yours then life can’t be anything without him in it.

If I would describe my life with Zack-my Chuck Bass I would say he had the most beautiful way of making a mess of my heart and life. I was apart from him more then I was with him but the love we share is something that can’t be ignored, denied (no matter how much I tried) but only worked for. We spent two long years working to be the people we needed to be for each other. The two years included other people filling in voids that could never be anything but half way empty, tears, and happy times but never passion. After two years where our lives were both at the point where we could be great together my Chuck Bass gave me the PRETTIEST DIAMOND I HAD EVER SEEN.

We are no longer a mess that is yearning for another person but we are beautifully and messily married. He still mumbles-and I think its way too attractive and he still drinks scotch- but when he is happy, and he still works hard at being the best in what he does. We fight sometimes but our love makes it all not matter, the wait and the patience we have make every moment we are by each other seem special.

I fell for my weakness…my dream boy and apparently “my type” and I could not be happier.

Des and Zack Wedding