Desire Falk of Darling be Daring 2019 Intentions, New Year Intentions for A better YOU, 2019

Disclaimer, babes.

This is NOT a 2019 New Year Resolution Post, or a post that is following the “New Year New Me” mindset…hell I don’t even know exactly if I would go as far to say this is my exact goals for the new year. 

It’s a post about being INTENTIONAL. 

Being present, being happy with wherever I may be…




and loving myself so I can love other people better.

And don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking your resolutions or your goals. Think those suckers up, write them down, and work for them to come true…

My thoughts are with this post is that you add it to your resolutions to make sure your insides are happy too. 

2019…I’m trying to own ya 😉

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Alo, Teddi B Boutique, Alo Yoga, 2019 Intentions

I started these intentions and really diving into a time of reflection on 2018 and my hopes for the new year last week…but I was in church yesterday and I basically started over.

Before I say much else, I want to encourage you to watch yesterday’s message. It’s comforting, challenging, and honestly a relief. I think this mindset that they are talking about could be medicine to so many of you.

Red Rocks Church Service January 6th, 2019

The main idea of this message is “DREAM BIG LIVE BETTER” the idea that as amazing as it is to be a dreamer, an aspirer for the next big thing, a hopeful romantic, someone whose imagination can’t be kept up with it’s important to remember how great NOW is as well. 

I get so caught up with fighting for my next step in my career that I don’t enjoy my day to day work activities that really can be so wonderful. I know I don’t always enjoy our apartment because we talk so much about where we may move next. It’s a constant cycle of working hard for the end goal and not enjoying a second of the journey. 

This intention for 2019 looks a little more like taking in my day to day tasks and finding the joy in them, remembering what I would have given for days like today a few years ago. Having the mindset that things like my apartment, my current fitness routine, and my relationship with Zack JUST HOW THEY ARE is a version of my dreams. 

…the mindset and intention that you are already living the dream. 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring New Yer Fitness Goals, Alo Yoga, Teddi B Boutique, 2019 Intentions

I know so many of you like to make nutrition or fitness goals for the new year. Health is so important and since I started working out and trying to eat better it has become somewhat a hobby for me. I love the way I feel when I workout on a regular basis and eat healthy- we all know I can’t do 100% clean I love my treats way too much! But I am always trying to improve, but sometimes with the new year I put such a unrealistic intense goal on myself that is either way too hard to keep up or just something that deprives me of other things I love!

So this year my intentions are

Saying things I love about my body, being proud of my workouts and what my body is capable of, and recognize when I am comparing myself to someone else- my journey is unique. 

Being intentional about rest. Letting myself say no to things so I can sleep more and also being mindful of rest days and how important they are. On normal weeks, I like my rest days to be on Sunday’s because I go to church during a time I would normally workout on weekends. Zack and me usually walk to grocery store to get healthy food for the first part of week and just relax. 

Drink MORE Water. I bought a Hydroflask because some of my favorites say it helps because they just try and drink 2-3 of these a day! Also, I’m going to continue on with trying to drink celery juice every morning I started this the last few months of the year- not super consistent but I am going to try and keep this up! I mean, peeps are saying Celery has all da healing powers- so why not?! 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring 2019 Goals, Intentions For a New Year, Alo Yoga, Teddi B Boutique

I tried Whole 30 last year and for me it was just not something I could keep up at all, so for me it’s about making intentions that really help to make me feel better all year round not just for January! 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Teddi B Boutique, Workout Fashion, 2019 Intentions

I know I have talked about my struggle with anxiety on here and also on my Instagram a lot, I am always down to try new things that have helped other people. One thing that I have noticed helps a lot of people is to have quiet time in the mornings and before bed. For some people this is meditation, for others this is yoga, reading the bible, a jog, prayer, or listening to a podcast or sermon!

My intention for this is:

making sure I wake up anywhere from 10-30 min earlier that I normally would to spend time in prayer with God, reading the Bible, and just being. I started this January 2nd and I already notice such a calming difference. I am not racing to my first thing-because I have woken up and set my intention for the day. 

I also started a Gratitude Journal. Just took out one of my normal notepads and wrote the date and then five things I am thankful for- I mean I have already missed two days and it’s only 7 days into the new year but I am hoping it sticks! haha. 

The idea that you can control your anxiety and acknowledge where you fall short and realize how much you need Jesus. And living in a spirit of gratitude is something that no one or any circumstance can take away from you. 

Being intentional with my mornings and my spirit of gratitude might just be my saving grace this 2019. 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Alo, Alo Workout Fashion, 2019 Fitness Resolutions

So a few weeks ago, I watched a different Red Rocks church service about setting goals or things to work on for new year. It was awesome, super powerful and each part of it resonated with me for a different reason, but one part really really stuck out to me.

Honor Others.

My intention for this is to really start by focusing on my relationship with Zack and honoring him. To think about my actions and reactions to the circumstances that come our way…good and bad! I don’t want to worry anymore about getting my point across or making sure that he understands the way I feel; but put my energy into honoring him.

Taking time to honor Zack will help me be a better wife to him but also more at peace with myself and my decisions. Because let’s be honest it’s not fun keeping an argument going and yes for a second it may feel good to be right but not if means the problem is still there. 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring 2019 New Years Resolutions, Intentions, Mindset

This leads me into my last intention, and I think this is something that all of us want or need to work on. I know speaking for myself I spend a lot of time on my phone, and partially because it is part of my job and also because I love the ability to keep up with friendships through texting but it should not be constantly glued to my hand.

My intention to be more PRESENT will look a little like;

Trying not to have my phone in my hand while Zack and me eat dinner or watch a favorite show together. 

Putting it away when I am with my friends (besides the occasional quick post) haha. 

Try and have it away as much as possibly with family. I know my family appreciates it when I am not constantly on my phone when I am with them- most things can wait. So why not try and honor this and put my phone in my purse for an hour or two. 

Don’t let social media steal joy. It’s not worth it- don’t give it that power. 

Before meeting up with friends and family I have not seen in a while say a quick prayer that I can stop thinking about everything going on around me and focus on my time with them in that moment. Give them my true presence not a distracted half version of myself. 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring 2019 Intentions, Teddi b Boutique, New Years Resolutions, 2019, Levis

I’m not saying these things will change our lives…but they could. 

These intentions could add immense value to the basics of our everyday lives, and that possibility is enough for me to mindfully think about these intentions daily. 

Like I said in my Instagram earlier this morning…

I hope wherever you are right now…you are BLOOMING. 

Cheers, Darlings!