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Hey loves, and Happy 2018- lets just go ahead and get super cheesy right away and chat all about this, “New Year New Me” type stuff.

I can be pretty basic occasionally and a good FRESH START is where it’s at- I actually LOVE Mondays and I love making new goals for each new year. My goals range from career inspired intentions, relationship focuses, bettering my mental health, and of course HEALTH and FITNESS goals

I am in no way, a health expert or the end all be all of fitness tips- I mean hell, I have so many areas to improve and learn on that I am working at daily– but I do care a lot about my health and about feeling good in my own skin. So as we start this fun journey for 2018 I am starting my new HEALTHY GIRL ON THE GO wishlist. A little list of to-dos, to-don’ts, focuses, mottos, FUN, self love, community, eating, listening, researching, and EMBRACING. 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing LuluLemon, LuluLemon two piece set, workout fashion, Best Denver workouts

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing LuluLemon, Apple Watch, Denver Fitness Studios

I am calling my 2018 New Years (fitness) Resolutions my…

Healthy Girl On The Go Wishlist

  • WHOLE 30 for month of January

What Is that saying…”detox to retox”?! haha well it may not be that extreme but I love having the ability to workout hard so I can splurge on amazing dinners when I travel, a good glass of wine with my girlfriends, splitting a slice of cheesecake with Zack, or I guess you can simply put it as…I like my vices and I am not willing to completly give them up

But I am willing to lay off for a minute.

haha, so I am taking this month to do the WHOLE 30 challenge; it’s a no grains, no legumes, no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy, etc. (I will be doing a full post on this soon)

  • Really focus in on the 80-20 Diet plan.

I don’t even like that I used the word “diet” in this sentence but I couldn’t think of another word, haha. Basically, I want to get back on my MOST of the time Paleo diet…mostly veggies and meat and staying away from dairy and gluten works for me! So I want my lifestyle to be 80% Paleo and then 20% of…the other good stuff I don’t want to completely deprive myself of!


I have been seriously slacking in the sleep department since before the holidays so I am trying ALL THE THINGS to get my sleeping pattern regulated. I want to focus more on my beauty rest and less on STRESSING to get everything done in a day. Believe me, once I feel like I have figured out what works for me I will inform you all but right now I am just experimenting! (AKA if you have any tips send them my way!!)


Since I started this WHOLE 30 journey I have been drinking so much more water and I can’t tell you how amazing it makes me feel. I am investing in all the cutest water cups and bottles because I don’t want to QUIT THIS. What’s that Broke Back Mountain quote again??? I think it’s “I CAN’T QUIT YOU” haha yeah, thats it.

  • Buy more cute workout clothes

I live in workout clothes, I guard my LuluLemon’s like they are diamonds, and I wear leggings more than pants for DAMN SURE. So I want to invest a little more in my workouts clothes, even if it’s just one new item a month- as long as I am still working out and eating right I think I sorta DESERVE it…right???? 😉

  • Occasionally (like on weekends) combine working out with outdoor activities

For example, I really want to get more into Tennis and this could be something fun to do on the weekends. I also, really am trying to make myself ski more this year…and thats another good healthy swap! I just think adding more activities to your life make healthy living and fitness more of a lifestyle instead of always such a big to-do. I learned this when I started running, since then when we travel I can skip the hotel gym sometimes and go for a run around a new city with Zack and it’s such a fun way to explore while being healthy!

  • Make time for my devotional EVERY morning. Basically MEDITATION time

Darlings, I have been terrible at this in 2017- but for 2018 I want to make WAY more time for my mental health. I am in a bible study with a few of my girlfriends and we are reading, “Grace Not Perfection”. And I also bought the book, “A Proverbs A Day“. My plan is to sip a hot cup of water with half a lemon and just give myself 15 minutes before the CRAZY of the day starts. It’s important to not start in a rush- to start in a calm head space.

  • Drink less on school nights

Prettttayyyy self explanatory. I mean I think cutting out wine on my weeknights (at least Monday-Wednesday) is EASY…especially when you compare it to the Whole 30, haha!


I mean we have all heard it before but sugar is terrible for us! And doing this Whole 30 thing has made me a lot more aware of what it’s in and I want to stay away from it as much as I can without feeling totally deprived. For example, I can skip ketchup or I should always be making sure my coffee has the unsweetened almond milk or when I do need to eat a protein bar choose one without the added sugar!!

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Lulu Lemon workout set, healthy girl on the go tips, LuluLemon

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Adidas, Adidas women, Apple Watch, Health tips for 2018

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring talking Health goals for 2018

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Healthy Girl on The Go Talk, LuluLemon, Best Workouts in Denver

Another question that I get from you love bugs all the time is also where I like to workout here in Denver. Denver is SUCH A FREAKIN’ COOL CITY and they really are killing it when it comes to cool new fitness studios. I am sure I will need to be adding to this, and I think next week I will showcase these when I am actually there on my Insta-stories so be on the look out!!

Favorite Denver Fitness Studios


I mean you get Lagree and Climbing at one BEAUTIFUL studio. perfect mix of toning and cardio. I usually go to climbing 1-2 times a week and then I am trying to make myself do Lagree at least 2 times as well!

Hot Mamas:

What a BAD ASS place to workout. These ladies work so hard, have the best music, and the coolest mix of classes that hit all the spots us gals want to work on. I mainly take Fusion and Sweatin’ Like A Mother and both have me leaving the place feeling inspired for whatever the world is about to throw at me!

Pearl Street Fitness:

The coolest little neighborhood workout studio that will totally kick your booty! I love going here on Full body days, makes me actually lift some weights because I can be lazy about that!

Pilates Evolution:

So I am gunna be honest and I have only gone a few times to Pilates Evolution but each time was SUCH a cool experience and exactly what I needed. Killer workout, music that let me just ZONE OUT and left SO SORE- haha. Basically, in 2018 I am going to be hitting this up A LOT MORE.

I do use ClassPass and I also buy packages at these studios as well- could not tell you enough how much I think it is worth the investment to try these spots! They really push you towards your full potential. Plus, I think it’s so important to be around other ladies fighting to be better versions of themselves…there are so many days that I walk in defeated or tired- not ready to work my hardest and then I say a boss babe next to me just KILLING THE GAME and I swear it makes me WORK. 

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health Goals for 2018, workout fashion tips, LuluLemon outfits

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Healthy Girl On The Go

I can’t tell you the difference I feel when I eat right and workout- my body not only looks better but it performs better and I feel like a HAPPIER version of myself. Darlings, I have been making health a priority for sometime now but I want 2018 to be focused in on creating the BEST version of myself.

Sweating harder than I have before, eating what makes my body work the BEST, and taking the time to check in on my mental health so that way I can be better to everyone around me!

We got this, if you ever need an accountability partner- message me!! I would love to be yours!!

Cheers, Darlings! 

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Desire Falk of Darling be Daring sharing best Denver Fitness Studios, LuluLemon

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